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Executive Profile

Paul Lavallee, President

Paul Lavallee on motorcycleI can honestly say that my parents have been the most powerful influence in my life to date. Early on my father gave me advice that always stuck with me. He told me “There are many different jobs out there.  If you stick with a trade and then try something else, you will always have that trade to fall back on.  No matter what the economy’s doing, people always need tradesmen (electrical, plumbing, etc.)"

So as a youngster, I delivered the Sun Chronicle and Woonsocket Call newspapers and then worked for an electronics company soldering electrical components into printed circuit boards. After I graduated high school, I attended Northeastern University studying electrical engineering but found I was better suited at that time in my life for business studies, so I enrolled in Bryant College. While working through school as a deli clerk, then installing concrete and gunite pools, I found that I really enjoyed the personal interaction with the public, and I also learned that I was not well suited to working behind a desk all day, every day.

Remembering my father's words and having found that I liked both the physical as well as the intellectual aspects of the electrical field, I was able to work with some well-established electrical contracting firms while I attended Tri-County Vocational Regional Tech in Franklin. During my early years in the field, I was fortunate enough to have worked for companies that exposed me to all phases of the electrical field (residential, commercial and industrial).

Starting Lavallee Electric has allowed me to successfully combine my interest in business and accounting with my talent in the electrical field and my desire to work in a physical way every day. I have great pride in my company and am grateful for the many wonderful, satisfied customers I've been privileged to work with over the years.

I look forward every day to meeting new customers and designing new solutions for their needs.

License # 20125-A